Digital Painting

In my year of art indulgence I am exploring many mediums of expression. I am most comfortable on my Mac at the moment. Most of my creative work is done on computer and is usually a design of some sort. I have made a commitment not to ‘donate’ my time to creative booty calls and so far have been quite good at keeping to my mid year resolution.

I bought this book today:

I’ve just briefly looked through this book but it looks really informative and educational. The lessons are set out very well and I think it is a good book to help you turn your art into a digital format as well as the original. I still buy art books.  R bought the following art books for my Kindle recently.


I am not 100% sold on the idea of having an art book on Kindle format. I love the feel of books but my bookcases are bent by the amount of art books they carry. Getting them on Kindle saves paper and usually the postage of these books are about as expensive as the books. These are two big pros to buying them digitally.

Working through all these books this year is impossible. It will probably take me another year just to work through them, but hopefully by that time I have a confidence to commit art while furthering my education. I really want to earn my own money. I have not been able to earn money since 1992 when I became ill. I have longed to earn my own money. I am very well cared and provided for by my husband but I think earning your own money gives you a great sense of self confidence and self worth. It is incredibly important to me.

I am exploring other business ideas related to the internet and I am thinking about starting another blog…but more about that later.


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