The vamps ate my Picnik but it was saved by a monkey

When my online photo editor died, I thought the Picnik was over for ever. Google ate Picnik and spit out a pitiful replacement the Creative Kit in Google+. For the life of me I could not understand why Google would buy a perfectly good company and take only half of the fabulous photo editing apps and chuck the rest. But who can understand the beast of big corporation? It is a vampire, and not the glow in the sunshine, gorgeous, loving fabulously wealthy kind.  It is a nasty wrinkly ole hag with an insatiable hunger for beautiful young things. It sucks them dry and leaves only a wounded shell unable to survive. Having so much wealth perhaps the fangs at Google realized a photo editor would be a nice little addition to their Google+ package. Tearing it apart to bare basics had all the Picnik fans and paying members clenching on their teeth and sleeping with garlic under their pillows.

Imagine my surprise when tonight I found a replacement for Picnik. My photo editing picnic was saved by a monkey, and let me tell you a very capable little monkey it is.  So if you are hopeless at Gimp or can’t afford Coral or Photoshop head over to PicMonkey and rescue  your photos or raise them up to the level of art.

All the features are still free but I am sure it will become a membership site sooner or later, with some free and some paid for apps. I would be happy to pay for their services. I only hope that they have a bunch of werewolves behind the scenes who hate vampires and will never sell out!

Run 2

Our photo shoot last Saturday

Our photos from New Age photos last Saturday came back. My idea of perfect does not exactly match their idea of perfect but PicMonkey helped me make it so. Btw, R chose my outfit and went with safe, slimming black, it was just too stressful for me to make a choice, also we were not allowed shoes during the shoot – it was supposed to be fun!


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