Mommmy, something terrible happenend!

this isnt happiness™ Up, Peteski.

On Sunday afternoon I was tired and in a lot of pain, Saturday was busy. I was working in bed, Juan was playing his Leapster Explorer™ and R was watching the men’s final at Roland Garros. After speaking to my parents R gave me the phone and I talked to my dad. While talking to him Juan came up and calmly told me that something terrible happend and I had to come see, I asked him what it was but he insisted I see for myself. I was still on the phone with dad when I sauntered down the steps expecting some disaster in one of his games. What I saw was a meter high flame! A pillow had fallen of the couch during Juan’s play and landed in front of the gas heater. It had caught fire. I screamed: “Fire, Fire!!”,  and dropped the phone. Running like a lunatic around the house calling for R and Juan now in deep panic calling out for him too. I could not figure out where he was and why he had left Juan alone. Finally I realized this crisis was on me, I ran for the fire extinguisher only to realize I did not know how to use it. Frantically read the instructions, while shooing Juan and the dogs outside, the smoke was toxic. Finally I managed to extinguish the fire blasting the whole lounge with white dust. While all this was happening I also phoned R who had just gone to get hot dog rolls but did not tell me. After administering Rescue to both Juan and I who were both in tears by now. He started trying to clean up while I opened all the windows. The smoke filled the whole house and was awful. It was cold outside but the smoke had to be let out.

1) Juan never realized the danger of what was happening until I panicked

2) Make sure you have a fire extinguisher in the house and make sure  you know how to use it.

3) Keep Rescue in the house

4) Never leave a child unattended near any fire even for a few minutes.

5) If you are leaving the house even if it is for just a few minutes tell another adult where you are going.

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