Bad hair year

This blog is dedicated to my blog buddy Meladjsted. I promised to pin a bald head for her as she was playing musical hats and felt a bit hat weary.  I did not pin a bald head because I found so many lovely bald heads I wanted to share them here.

I changed my hairdresser last year and by June  my very bad hair year was the last thing that drove me over the edge.  My hair is improving, I finally figured my bad hair year may be connected to me new/now fired hairdresser. Currently I am without hairdresser so if you can suggest anyone in the Cape Town/Winelands area that really blows your hair back let me know.

I would not look good bald. My head has so many bumps and scars I would look like a proper thug. Anyway I am a Leo and  my mental health is closely related to my mane. If I ever where in a position to not have hair I would need some kind of surgical reconstruction to make my pip acceptable. Here now are some lovely pips even if some of them has been airbrushed into perfection:

Bald USB baby

via Shooting at Bubbles

Bald Barbie

Scarlett Johansson

Jolie Bald

Charlize Theron


Bald Baby


Danielle Evans

via BuddyTv

Bald Cabbage Patch kid

via  Cabbagepatchkids

Feel free to share your ideas on baldness but be kind, hair is for everyone.


One thought on “Bad hair year

  1. Such beauty in lack of mane, who would’ve thunk it! – I’ve never put much stock (except for the gallons of Pantene that I fork out for) in mine since there isn’t much to celebrate and have always enjoyed ‘less is more’ hair.

    Stunning images! You’re a Source guru!

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