Regretsy | Where DIY Meets WTF

Regretsy | Where DIY Meets WTF.

I  ♥ Etsy, but as on Ebay, what people buy and sell boggles the mind. But then humans are difficult to understand. I understand what is going on inside of them emotionally, just by looking at them but what turns them on, makes them believe just about anything they are told and listen to Britney or Kurt baffles me completely.

In my constant battle against creative mediocrity I traced this poster to Regretsy (read the article it is acidic but funny):

The end of calm

Please let me know if you made this poster so that I can give you credit. I could not find the original as it was not properly pinned on Pinterest.

If you want to know what this pie chart is about you will have to read this article on Regretsy.

If you wonder what on earth I am ranting about please read this blog again and remember “Thou shalt not Carry it on!”


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