A mind like a six lane highway

Your brain – a six lane highway going both ways

My mind never shuts down. It is always busy, it is not satisfied doing one thing at a time and I usually have a few things going on around me to keep the inner chaos a bit more quiet. I am highly sensitive so all sensory input registers and is directed into either files for later use, brain spam, emotions, or physical data.  I tend to avoid people because the lovely flowing traffic you see in this images just becomes a screaming traffic jam. I pick up so much from them, read so much in them, feel so much that my brain becomes totally overwhelmed. In the moment I can deal with whomever I am spending time but afterwards it takes hours to recover and undo the traffic jam in my mind. So my best tip when you get jammed up in other peoples brain traffic is to keep it at arms length. I really am available to everybody by e-mail. It gives me time to process and respond at a time when my brains is relaxed and not dealing with a million other things.

The biggest trial for the busy mind is sleeping, I am a black belt ninja insomniac and has been one since six months old.  I use something to help me sleep and even then I have about 90% dream recall.

*No coffee, caffeine, or energy drinks after 13:00 in the day. Sugar and chocolate doesn’t help much either. All of these amp up the speed limit. *No stimulation before bedtime – movies, computer, arguments, sex.                                                                                                                                          *Direct your mind traffic in one direction, I build my dream house before I go to sleep. I focus my whole brain on that activity and usually somewhere along the way I fall asleep.

I watched a program on NatGeo about what drugs do to your brain and this is my interpretation for the busy mind:


Slows all the traffic down to a cool spead but every thought looses direction and starts going where ever they please, crashes are inevitable. Every thought feels a bit like another thought is following it around and spying on it.

Methamphetamine/ Tik:

Thoughts speed up brain traffic is rapid and intense. Your thoughts feel focused some of them may become a bit  aggressive and road rage occurs. After prolonged use quality of the thoughts degrade so much that it just becomes a toothless idiotic grin with a broken engine.


Twice as many  focussed brilliant thoughts racing through your brain. Every thought is the best you have ever had . Soon you become frustrated because no one else’s brains seem to be moving as fast as yours and then you become irritated, grumpy even aggressive.


Your thoughts slow down, you feel euphoric, every thought is vivid beautiful bright, you can see all 100 thoughts individually in its own glorious perfection and you know exactly what to do to make each thought a reality. Unfortunately the feeling is super fleeting. While your thoughts feel fantastic your brain is degrading, becoming slower, the body that drives your brain brakes down and pretty soon. all thoughts become jumbled and unclear. You loose yourself forever after the first high.

I have never used drugs, I can’t bare to loose control and not know what is going on around me. Some of these drugs may sound like a good idea at the time for a mind so busy it buzzes but really they all make the problem worse.

Meditation, breathing, calm surroundings, avoiding conflict, managing stress and stressful people, all help in calming traffic to a manageable speed. For people who do not have such busy minds it is impossible to understand how exhausting it can be. The best way I find of dealing with it is channeling it into something I am passionate about, it keeps the fears, worries and bad memories to a minimum and when they occur you direct them off the highway and keep the rest of the traffic moving along steadily.

Lastly medication. Although I hate that the meds insulate and isolate me and it affects my creativity it helps me to function normally.  I don’t get lost in the crazy traffic speeding around in my head. I don’t get overwhelmed and I can get things done. Finding the right meds is difficult. It takes time but if you listen to your body and your busy mind you can with the help of a good medical advisor find the right meds for you.

So avoid everything that stimulates your busy mind, embrace practices and medication that makes it possible for your to be functional and do something with that brilliant mind of yours


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