High heels – be kind to your feet!

High heel horrors! The hidden cost to your body of those crucial extra inches | Mail Online

High heels distorts your whole body

Deformed feet

II love beautiful shoes, but for the past 22 years high heels have been off the menu for me, I admire them and if I had the money I would buy them just to look at them. I often pin beautiful high heels. I also live with pain every day of my life. With Fybro and osteoarthritis, there are no painkillers that gives me relief and it limits activity and movement.

There are things you can do to help your feet.

– a salt bath of 10 minutes in warm water, after a day in heels

– spend as much time with bare feet or in flats as you do in high heels, you   have to balance it out.

– visit a podiatrist every six months to access the damage to your feet.

When you are old and you can’t flatten your feet anymore, or you have bunions and hammertoes, it is hell to walk, all you will have left is memories of your glamour days in high heels, is that enough?


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