Living with a code nazi

You would think living with one of the best programmers I know that it would be an absolute breeze to get a little image with a little box of code for other people to grab on my blog. My in house programmer could care less for the six hours I spent trying to figure this out. I just throws his hands up and refuses to work on Mac, refuses to do Windows, refuses to do php. He is an open source fanatic and like any other fanatic there simple is no space for any other belief system but his. So for nearly two days now I have been struggling with this small 8 line piece of code. There was several very helpful tutorials but unfortunately most of them did not work on this version of wordpress. Finally I found this free app online that finally made my little blog button for me: “Grab My Button” Code Generator

Having the button makes me so happy

<div align="center"><a href="http://www." title=""Say, did you see?""><img src="" alt=""Say, did you see?"" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

The process and attitude of my SO just makes me so sad.

Anyway no point to dwell on the negative, if you want a button and you don’t know how to make the image I will be happy to make one for you if you post my button on your blog. All I need from you is:

1. The image and a short description of what you would like in the 150×150 square
2. The words you would like on your button and the font you would like me to use
3. Mail me at

5 thoughts on “Living with a code nazi

  1. Wow – that’s all so way above my fire making place – I’d love to have your button on my blog but I don’t even know how to do that….. Never mind a button of my very own – just imagine!

    I’m am seriously in awe – doesn’t matter that SO was not on board for this you have done a super job all by yourself – yeah *high five*!

  2. Ooooh – thank you for the app!! I was just getting to that part! Will grab your button when I get my new site up! :) Take Care!

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