You are invited to become a Frolicaholic! – Jane Davenport Blog — Jane Davenport Blog

You are invited to become a Frolicaholic! – Jane Davenport Blog — JaneDavenport Blog. I am looking forward to 21 Secrets so much!!

I am really enjoying all my art courses. It is one of the things that has inspired me to start a blog. One of the many things I learned from Juliette Crane in How to paint a girl was to find lots of inspiration from all the wonderful visual cues around us. I love design, I love fashion, I love art, I love color. Inspiration is there from the moment I open my eyes until I see this little face   before I go to sleep . I have learned to find my joy in enjoying the things I love and am passionate about.  I hope I will gain the courage to share my work. I am devoted to honing my art techniques by introducing as many new teachers as possible this year. At the same time I also want to find my own voice. Many people are happy creating carbon copies of what they learn from their marvelous, amazing and inspiring teachers because “it” works for them. That is not for me, I want to paint my own things. It must reflect my soul, my view of the world, my love and my joy and my sense of humour. In Lifebook I have 15 teachers from whom I am learning. It was initiated by Tamara Laporte although it started on 1 January 2012 it is not too late to sign up. Through Lifebook I found Juliette Crane and I finished How to paint a girl. I am also enrolled in The Art of Wild Abandonment hosted by Christy Tomlinson. On 1 April I am starting Paint your story  hosted by Mindy Lacefield and 21 Secrets hosted by Connie Hozvicka. It may sound like flooding but mostly I spend my time reading and when I am not in too much pain I am in the studio playing with paint, paper and glue.

Click on any of the buttons below if you are interested in joining in any of the art or journalling courses, let me know if you signed up so we can compare notes :-)


Self-study courses:


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