What to do on a Wednesday

Yesterday was really rough Juan made sure he celebrated every second of his 5th birthday. 5 Year old kids are like little whirlwinds, if you are anywhere near them you just get dragged along. So today I kicked off my shoes. I don’t like to talk about my illness but it is disabling and since yesterday was a non stop run, I had to take it easy today to recuperate. So I spent the day mostly reclining in the shade. My ideal spot to do this in would be in a lovely Boho Chic Room.  Not much of a cake eater I settled for some pink macarons with chocolate ganache filling and some rooibos tea in a beautiful cup. A beautiful quite day for smelling the roses and resting a seriously tired body.

I also looked at some very beautiful pages about my newest passion – bohemian chic:

Moon to moon

Chic Home Couture



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