Banner Bazaar

Having the ability to always choose the most expensive object in any scenario does have a few drawbacks. All the WordPress designs I loved where a bit above the budget and required a premium upgrade. So here are the lovely sites that aided in designing a little banner for a big idea. The lovely vintage wood background was purchased from Shutterstock. The vintage image is from my own collection. It was “polaroized” by Polaroin. The lovely accents were from The Shabby Princess. Thus a day gone and a banner created. I have tried blogging so many times and the only way you can get me to talk about myself and my life incessantly is to put me in a institution with lots of other people who either refuse to talk about themselves or only talk about themselves. I do however love, no adore so many blogs and I will share my finds. Occasionally my life might slip into the mix.

Juan is turning 5 tomorrow. The party is on Saturday. The cake and jumping castle is organized. The sweet things has been bought, the piñata is in the process of being made thanks to Gretchen Siegchrist. The piñata is not something familiar to South Africans. Juan heard one of his superheroes saying “Who doesn’t like a nice piñata” and having a piñata at the party was just not optional.

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